• Why you need a Clear Phone Case

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    A phone case is essential for your iPhone or Galaxy. Gone are the days when you’d be able to replace a cellphone for thirty or forty bucks. Smart phones can be as expensive as a tablet or laptop, and unless you have purchased damage insurance it’s your responsibility to replace a damaged phone. And often you have little recourse, as you’re stuck in a two year service plan contract, so you can’t just walk away from it. This means you may have to potentially buy a new smart phone for up to $600.

    So, the best solution is to purchase a phone case for under $30. There are millions of smart phone cases to choose from the market today—imagination is only limited by the size and shape of a Galaxy S7 Edge or an iPhone 7 Plus. But one of the best choices on the market today is a clear phone case. Not only are these cases affordable, but they can also be customized. It’s a small price to pay to provide your smart phone with damage protection.

    What Exactly is a Clear Phone Case?

    Smart phone cases can be made with a variety of materials, not limited to: plastic, leather, silicon, stick-on vinyl protectors, plate-glass, and rubber. But one of the best choices is a clear smart phone case as it’s not only lightweight, but effectively protects front, back, and sides of the smart phone.

    A clear phone case is made of clear hard plastic. We use the most durable plastic materials available in the phone industry. Besides having your graphics printed onto the phone, a clear protective layer is also applied over the top of your design, preventing it from scratching. This increases its durability, and makes Clearly Cased stand out from our competitors.

    You can choose from our collection of designs, or create your own. The phone case has a protective back, leaving the front open for usage, with protective clear bumpers along all four sides. The back of the case will be the portion that has a photograph or design printed on it.

    Many people choose to have a clear phone case to protect their phone as the materials they are made from can be quite slippery and too easy to slip through the hands. The most common damage done to the phone is having the screen crack. While smart phone cases are designed with a tough Corning glass and plastic amalgamate, if they’re struck at the wrong point they can shatter.

    Phone screens can be replaced, but can be quite costly. The only defense is to prevent damage to your smart phone in the first place, and that can be with a protective casing.

    There are also other reasons why someone would purchase a phone case. They may think the design is cool, or wish to have bragging rights over a branded design. Perhaps they wish to hide the fact they have an expensive phone, particularly if they’re worried about their phone being grabbed from school or a coffee shop.

    Our clear phone cases are also unique. We print on the back of our cases, unlike most other phone case manufacturers today.

    Why Do I Need a Clear Phone Case?

    Did you know that about one out of every four smart phone users does not have a protective case on their phone? That means that a large number of people are going to be heading to the phone repair shop, or buying a new phone before the end of the year! This is because if they drop their phone, and most of us do at least once a week, chances are it’s going to crack or smash at some point.

    Many people erroneously believe that buying a smart phone case is going to make it much heavier, or make it bulkier. Some don’t like the idea of a boring, ugly case, and don’t look much further than the mall kiosks that offer generic selections at best. Other people love the elegance of their phones and don’t wish to cover them up. They may also believe that smart phone cases are too expensive, or think that they’re careful enough that they’ll never ever drop their phones.

    Whether you have a phone case or not there can be benefits to owning a clear phone case. Since this type of case is clear, you can see straight through it. Many people find that the design of the Galaxy S7 Edge, or the iPhone 7 Plus, are sleek and elegant. Many people wish to show off their cool phones, rather than cover them with a solid color. It can be a status symbol to show off your phone at college or work. This can still be achieved by using a clear phone case.

    It can also be fun to have a simple design on your clear phone case rather than something covering up the entire back. A clear phone case is also lightweight, and will add little extra weight or bulk to your phone.

    As for thinking that you’ll never drop your phone, maybe you won’t, but what if a friend is using it, or your pet dog knocks it on the floor?

    Another reason for a protective smart phone case is to keep it free of moisture, and crumbs or food stains. Often many people eat or drink when using their smart phones. Food and moisture can get into your smart phone too easily. A protective case can at least keep some of these foreign particles from getting inside.

    A clear phone case offers you many options.

    Basically, you have three options when purchasing a clear phone case:

    1. Have a simple clear case to see your Apple or Galaxy logo.
    2. Choose a photograph that covers the entire back and sides.
    3. Choose to have one small graphic on the back so that most of the phone can be seen. 

    Two Protective Bumper Options

    You can choose two different protective side bumper options on the Clearly Cased site. There is the tough bumper or the slim bumper. The tough bumper is a bit thicker and will stand up to drops and bumps a lot better than the slim bumper can.

    Our phone cases also have an additional design feature. This design features something called a “lip”. Each of our phone cases has it. The lip is what extends out from the front of the case and provides protection for your phone’s screen. If you drop it, this lip will protect it from cracking or breaking.

    The tough bumper has a two-piece design that is made with a strong inner rubber core for extra shock protection. The slim design consists of one piece and provides protection against scratches and light drops.

    If you wish to test the protection of a smart phone case, place it down on a table. Does your screen touch the surface? If not, it’s not right for you. The lip should extend past the screen, with a recommended 1 mm along the screen’s edges. This should also extend around the phone for about 360 degrees.

    We also go one step beyond and provide a 1 mm lip around the bottom of the phone case. This purpose is to protect your camera, particularly in the newer models of iPhones where the camera extends out from the phone.

    The other benefit of a lip on the back is to protect your phone from being scratched.

    Will a See Through iPhone 7 Plus Case Work for Me?

    The see through case for iPhones weighs only 1.8 ounces, and measures 138 mm by 67 mm by 11 mm. Our iPhone 7 Plus case has been designed strictly for iPhones and is not a generic one-size-fits-all type of case. You can order from our site and be guaranteed that it will fit your iPhone 7 perfectly.

    How About a Clear Phone Case for my Galaxy S7 Edge?

    Most clear phone cases are extremely lightweight, around two ounces. The clear Galaxy S7 Edge phone case measures 146 mm by 73 mm by 5 mm. Our phone cases are specifically designed to fit the Galaxy S7 Edge, and never generic models of smart phones, so you can be assured of proper fit.

    Choose a Custom Clear Phone Case

    If none of the pre-made phone cases grab your attention on the Clearly Cased site you can also choose to make your own custom iphone case. Yes, even clear phone cases can be customized. To do this, you’ll be using our special case customization tool which will lead you through the steps needed. Soon, your custom phone case will be on its way to you.

    Our phone cases are also completely customized. Basically, you start with a clean slate, though you can choose to customize any single design too. This means you can choose your own fonts—text or typeface—colors, and designs. You can add one photo, or many—one to six being ideal—or add embellishments, objects, and other types of graphics.

    Your see through iPhone case can be as simple or as complicated as you wish. And if you get stuck, we’re here to assist you through chat or email—it’s your choice!

    Just look for the HELP menu button on the top middle of the page to get started.

    Ideas for Designing and Ordering Your Own Custom Phone Case

    You may be sold on the idea of designing your own iPhone 7 Plus or Galaxy S7 Edge smart phone case, but where to get started? There may be millions of ideas popping into your head.

    People love to show off their pet photos, so what better way to do this than with your own pet photo case? There’s no need to even flip through your phone’s photo albums when you can have a photograph of your dog or cat on the back of your phone.

    The phone can have your pet’s image and your favorite hashtag:

    Or, you can have a paw graphic with your pet’s name at the bottom:

    Monogrammed cases are also a popular choice. Not only do they allow the metallic colors of your smart phone to show through the clear plastic, but also part of the brand or logo too. You can then add on your own favorite objects, with a large single letter in the middle for your first initial.

    Wedding photographs can also be placed onto phone cases. These can also have a monogram or text along the bottom. They make great gifts, as long you know what type of phone case to buy your friends or family.

    If you simply want your name on the back with some bright colorful graphics, this phone case is fun:

    Or, perhaps you’d rather not have a custom monogram or name on the back of your phone, but you’d rather it display who are you, or your hobbies or interests, with customizable floral case:

    Even More Clear Smart Phone Case Ideas!

    Here are a few more ideas to help you get started on creating the best design. But don’t forget, if you order your case and think of a great idea later, you can still come back to visit Clearly Cased, as often it’s hard to have only just one case!

    • Pets
    • Family portraits
    • Weddings or other reunions
    • Group photos
    • Class photos
    • Vacations or trips
    • Conventions or business gatherings
    • Favorite objects
    • Goals or desires
    • Holidays

    Why You’ll Love Our Quality Assurance

    We utilize a special printing process that is unlike our competitors’ designs. Our designs are permanently printed onto the case through state-of-the-art printing technology. This ensures that your design will not wear off over time, or be scratched or peeled off, like the dollar stores brands of cheap cases.

    Our competitors only print on the backs of their cases, while we like to do something a bit different. We also print our designs on back and all four sides. This gives our cases a unique and fashionable look. The printing on our cases is also covered by a clear protective layer that can’t be rubbed or scratched off. And best of all, our phone cases are affordable. You’ll notice that plain and boring phone cases in the malls often cost double what ours are being sold for.

    About the Company

    We are so confident about our clear smart phone cases that they’re all we make and sell on our website. We know that you’ll feel the same way too!

    Our phone cases are designed and made in Columbus, Ohio. We make phone cases for the Galaxy S7 Edge and iPhone 7 Plus, but we also have a wide range of cases available for other makes and models of phones too.

    Most of our custom cases are made to order. It generally takes about six business days, though often much sooner, for us to get your new custom phone case in the mail to you. We also provide you with a tracking number so you can track it every step of the way.

    We also like to keep on top of the latest technology so that when the next smart phone is released, you can be assured that you’re going to be able to find a new case for it on our website. And not only do we keep up with technology, but we also believe in keeping up with the latest design trends too, so that you can be both creative and unique when you use your smart phone out in public.

    We provide a guarantee that you’ll be 100% satisfied with the construction and workmanship of your new clear phone cases. Our thousands of happy customers around the globe can attest to our great smart phone cases.

    About Shipping

    We ship our smart phone clear cases to most countries around the world, and offer free shipping with orders over $45. It takes us about one to six days to make up your order and get it shipped out.

    About Ordering

    We accept the four major forms of online payment:

    • Visa

    • American Express
    • MasterCard
    • Paypal

    Money Back Guarantee

    We will do an exchange should your phone case package arrived damaged, or if it’s defective in any way. For other concerns, we want you to be satisfied. If you’re not happy with your case, please contact us so we can help to fix the issue. We have an exceptional customer service team that goes out of their way to make people happy.

    Our money back guarantee is for the first 30 days after arrival, but after that time we can’t offer a refund or exchange. After notifying us of an issue, you must return your phone case immediately in its original packaging.

    All packages are tracked, and in the event it goes missing, we do offer a full replacement.

    Gift Ideas Based on Season

    Many people with smart phones don’t settle on just one phone case for the entire year. Some switch them on a monthly basis. Some people may even gather together a collection of cases, then choose one for the day based on their mood or outfit.

    You can buy phone cases for friends or family. Valentine’s Day is coming up, yet in many parts of the country it’s still winter. A fun gift idea would be the Love Birds Galaxy S7 Clear Extra Protective Bumper Case. Not only does this case suit the cold season, but it can cover Valentine’s Day or a birthday too.

    If you’re tired of the winter weather, you can have a case with your favorite saying on it.

    Certain cases are perfect for your phone for the spring months.

    When you’re on summer vacation, you can switch your clear case out for something more appropriate for travel.

    This is a fun phone case for those who live by the sea or wished they did.

    What Phones Do We Support?

    We sell clear phone cases for the following popular smart phone brands.

    • iPhone 6 Cases
    • iPhone 6 Plus Cases
    • iPhone 6S Cases
    • iPhone 6S Plus Cases
    • iPhone 7 Cases
    • iPhone 7 Plus Cases
    • Galaxy S7 Cases
    • Galaxy S7 Edge Cases
    • Google Pixel
    • Google Pixel SL

    Buy Your New See Through Phone Case Now!

    Don’t put off buying a clear case for your Galaxy, Pixel, or iPhone smart phone, as you don’t want to suffer the loss should you drop it. Take a look at your current case. If it’s cracked, chipped, peeling, or generally worn, it’s time to order a new clear phone case for your Pixel, iPhone, or Galaxy from Clearly Cased today.

    Not only will your phone always be protected by a tough clear bumper case, but you’ll also get to display your individuality with your own unique clear smart phone case!

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